Thursday, February 23, 2017

Iran: Iranian Journalists at Risk: Trauma, Depression, Distress - NEW REPORT

December 2, 2016
     The Royal Society of Medicine has published a key study into Iranian journalists’ wellbeing and the severe trauma and psychological damage they experience on a regular basis.
The study, by Dr. Anthony Feinstein, a professor of psychiatry at University of Toronto, looks at post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among frontline Iranian journalists. It was commissioned by Journalism is Not a Crime, IranWire’s sister organization.
     “The part that surprised me about the results were the high levels of stress that the Iranian journalists confront,” Dr Feinstein said about the study.
     The report, “Iranian Journalists: A Study of Their Psychological Wellbeing,” which was conducted over a three-year period, found that Iranian journalists suffer high levels of depression, anxiety and trauma as a direct result of their work and how they are treated. They face arrest, intimidation, and torture, and their families are regularly harassed. Journalists were encouraged to share their experiences via a secure website.
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