Thursday, April 11, 2019

Help #FreeAlejandra from ICE Detention - URGENT ACTION

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We need your help putting pressure on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and elected officials to #FreeAlejandra and stop her deportation. Alejandra is the longest detained trans woman in the Cibola County Correctional Center. She is a transgender Latina asylum-seeker who was forced to flee El Salvador due to discrimination and violence, her home country in which she has spent years fighting for the respect and dignity of transgender people. Alejandra’s situation is not unique; there are many more transgender people seeking asylum in the United States who are stuck waiting indefinitely in detention centers where they are at risk of ill-treatment because of their gender identity, medical needs, or trauma they have endured. 

We recently learned that Alejandra could now be at risk of deportation. We need to drive as many calls to ICE by Monday, April 15th urging them not to deport her back to the very danger she fled from. Join our partners at the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center and TransLatin@ Coalition to stop ICE!

This is how you can help:
  1. Use this SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT to raise awareness about Alejandra’s case.
  2. Make calls today to ICE staff who can determine the future of Alejandra’s life. The contact information to these targets are here:
    • Head of Operations in El Paso, the Deputy Field Office Director
      • CALL: (915) 856-5510
    • Head of the Albuquerque Office, Bill Jepsen
      • CALL: (505) 452-4801

Call script:
Hello, my name is __________. I am calling you today to ask that you stop the deportation of Alejandra, a transgender woman held in ICE detention at Cibola County Correctional Center in New Mexico. She is seeking safety in the U.S. after fighting for the rights of trans people in El Salvador. An activist for over a decade, Alejandra finally had to flee El Salvador to escape persecution on the basis of her transgender identity. Alejandra is a 44-year-old transgender woman from El Salvador who requested asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border in November 2017 but has been held in immigration detention by ICE ever since.

(Include a personal experience or story as to why Alejandra is important to you.)

We need to #FreeAlejandra NOW. She has support from community here on the outside and her friends and family miss her. Alejandra shouldn’t be behind bars, she should be free to do the life-changing work she has done for so many years. We understand that Alejandra's rights may have been violated by DHS and we urge you to stop her deportation while that is determined. Thank you for your time.