Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Solidarity Statement for Iran's Political Prisoners

Our AI Group #139 Coordinator, Azam Niroomand-Rad, wrote this statement of solidarity for the group, Emergency Campaign  2Free Iran's Political Prisoners, supporting the release of Iran's political prisoners.

 September 20, 2021

"The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and government authorities have failed to provide accountability for political prisoners. According to Amnesty International there are many arbitrary arrests of human rights activists in particular women, ethnic and religion minorities. Leaked video footage from Evin prison offers evidence of beatings, sexual harassment, and other ill-treatment by prison officials without any fear of consequences or accountability. Security forces violate prisoners’ right to life and dignity. Lack of investigations constitutes in and of itself a violation of the human rights.

 Amnesty International believes there are no transparency in Iran’s justice system and the fact that many human rights violations go unreported due to widespread fear of reprisal, harassment and intimidation by security officers. The lawyers defending political prisoners have also received threats for pursuing legal action or even faced persecution and imprisonment. 

Amnesty International has serious concerns of the recent UN Special Rapporteur on Iran in July 2021 regarding gross human rights violations and abuses in the IRI with no accountability. A number of dual nationals from UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia are kept in solidarity confinement limiting access by their families and lawyers. 

The governments of the US, Iran, and other countries may have their own national interests. Sanctions hurt people and political prisoners. We demand the US to lift sanctions and the IRI to free all political prisoners including people of Baháʼí Faith, Kurd, Baluch, and Arab dissent now and unconditionally."