Monday, March 9, 2015

USA: Support IVAWA: help end violence against women and girls around the world! - TWO ONLINE PETITION

 Amnesty International
     Just in time for International Women's Day, IVAWA was reintroduced in the U.S. House — and shortly will also be reintroduced in the Senate as well — with the strongest original bipartisan support to-date. Its early introduction in the new session of Congress indicates that the bill sponsors are anxious to move it forward towards passage.
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Petition sponsored by Care2
"In 2007, I worked with passionate activists from around the country and across the world so that the International Violence Against Women Act would be introduced with bipartisan support. Eight years later, the bill still languishes, having fallen victim to what the Los Angeles Times last year called a "lack of political will." Together, you and I must create that political will by demanding that lawmakers at the US Capitol finally ensure that the US is doing everything it can to stop violence against women and girls. It's International Women's Day, and the women and girls of the world can wait no longer. Please make your voice heard today so that every woman and girl can grow up in a safer, freer world no matter where she lives.
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