Monday, December 12, 2016

Madison, WI: "Call for Peace": Dancing The Dream of Peace, A New Hope For Humanity! - FILM

A short film "Call for Peace": Dancing The Dream of Peace, A New Hope For Humanity!  represents eight Artistic Directors of Cultural Dance Companies that came together through the arts in an inclusive Circle Dance to celebrate our diversity and offer a vision of hope for a more peaceful and sustainable world. This timely film embraces the wisdom of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Chief Seattle, and Mother Teresa, who said, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other!" It includes an indigenous "Ancient Wisdom Dance," the first ever to be created in the history of dance!
Call For Peace, visit Questions? 

Since 1990, Call for Peace Drum Dance Company--a Global Treasure based in Madison, Wisconsin--has been inspiring national and international audiences with its performance, “From All Nations They Come Dancing.”--the dream of a new hope for humanity. Having performed at the 4th Global Summit for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Rome, Italy, throughout the United States, in Germany, Russia, Israel and at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Call for Peace is a must-see spectacular for all ages. Through the universal language of dance, traditional drums and contemporary music, Call for Peace weaves the pageantry of life, the power of hope and the wisdom of our Elders into a tapestry of rhythm, color and dance.