Saturday, April 29, 2017

SOMALIA: Children Executed - URGENT ACTION

Amnesty International 
Seven boys were arrested by police on 28 December 2016 in Bosaso, Puntland for allegedly killing three high ranking officials serving in the Puntland administration. Ayub Yasin Abdi (14), Muhamed Yasin Abdi (17), Daud Saied Sahal (15), Abdulhakin Muhamed Aweys (17), Hassan Adam Hassan (16), Nour Aldiin Ahmed (17), and Ali Ismaeil Ali (15) were detained in shipping containers for about two weeks before being transferred to a police station. Two of the boys told their families that they were all subjected to various forms of torture and other ill- treatment, including electrocution, being burned with cigarettes on their genitalia, binding genitals parts together, drowned in water, beatings and raped until they “confessed” and signed the murder confessions.