Thursday, October 9, 2014

Iran: 28 Distinguished Nobel Physics Laureates Support Imprisoned Omid Kokabee - NEWS

 28 Distinguished Nobel Physics Laureates Support Imprisoned Colleague in Iran
by Oct 9, 2014

 "This week marks the announcement of the 2014 Nobel prizes, recognizing the lifetime accomplishments of some of the world’s most extraordinary people. Twenty-eight of these eminent individuals—winners of the Nobel Physics Prize in years between 1972 and 2013—have signed letters to Iran’s Supreme Leader calling for the release of a brilliant young physicist and prisoner of conscience, Omid Kokabee, who is serving a ten-year sentence in one of Iran’s most miserable prisons."
     "Please take the time to send a message of your own to the Iranian government today, that you join 28 Nobel Physics Laureates and thousands of others, to call for Omid Kokabee’s immediate release."

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