Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Congratulations: Prof. Reza Afshari - 2017 Human Rights Section Distinguished Scholar Award

Human Rights Section of the International Studies Association

The human rights section of the International Studies Association is extremely pleased to name Reza Afshari as the recipient of its 2017 award.  His scholarship fully deserves our recognition.

  • Dr. Afshari’s publications are both innovative and interdisciplinary. 
  • Dr. Afshari is a powerful intellectual. 
  • Dr. Afshari is a brave scholar: whether writing about Iran or cultural relativism he fearlessly takes on sacred cows in the field. 
Reza Afshari is a fine example of our aspirations as human rights scholars to promote the universality of human rights. He is unwavering in his defense of universality, regardless of the history, location or culture of the societies that he studies. 

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