Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ISRAEL: Issa Amro & Farid al-Atrash Stand for Palestinian Rights - ONLINE ACTION

Amnesty International, Write for Rights 2017.

Palestinians living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories cannot get to work or school, or see their friends and family without feeling the disruptive effect of Israel’s military rule.  It even restricts their ability to farm their land, attend a protest, or access essential services such as electricity and clean water.
People’s entire lives are effectively held hostage by Israel.
Issa Amro and Farid al-Atrash have been peacefully standing against the force of Israel’s military rule, demanding the end to Israel’s settlements in the city of Hebron and other places in the occupied West Bank. But because they have stood up to Israel, they are being punished and are facing criminal charges.
Palestinians need to be able to stand up for their rights - and the world needs to know what is happening to them. None of this can happen without activists like Issa and Farid.

We need to show Israel that we stand with peaceful protesters so that they stop prosecuting Issa and Farid and allow them to continue their important work.