Thursday, May 4, 2017

USA: Journalist charged while covering Dakota Access Pipeline demonstration - TAKE ACTION

Jenni Monet, an independent journalist, was arrested February 1, 2017 while covering a demonstration against the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Despite displaying a valid press pass, Jenni was arrested while complying with a request to leave the premises. 

She was strip-searched, held for five hours in a chain-link holding cage, detained for 30 hours total and then charged with rioting and trespassing. 

Freedom of the press is a right that must be respected and protected in order for each of us to enjoy a free and open society. 

Demand that charges against Jenni be dropped!

My arrest came as a total surprise: I had press credentials, I had explained that I was a journalist, and I was in the process of lawfully exiting the area.

And yet, I was handcuffed, loaded onto a school bus, strip-searched, held for hours in a metal cage and detained for a total of 30 hours.

Now, I am facing criminal charges—trespassing and rioting—simply for my work as a journalist.