Monday, July 27, 2015

Chile: Call on Chile to End the Criminalizaiton of Abortion in All Circumstances - ONLINE PETITION

Amnesty International Chile
"Chile, along with El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Suriname, Malta, Andorra and the Vatican are the only countries in the world with a total ban on abortion. By denying women and girls who have been the victims of rape or incest, or whose health or life are at risk, or who are carrying a foetus that is not viable the option of having an abortion, Chile is violating their human rights. Decriminalizing abortion would show a clear commitment to the lives of women and girls and is vital for achieving gender equality. I hope, therefore, that you will grasp this opportunity to take this first step in acknowledging the human rights of women and girls. International human rights standards clearly set out the obligation of states to protect the rights of all women and girls to life, to physical integrity, to autonomy and to equality.

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