Sunday, March 19, 2017

USA: Amnesty Intl. In Their Own Words, PODCASTS

Albert Woodfox, 2016

...on 19 February 2016 I walked out of a Louisiana prison a free man after serving 44 years in solitary confinement. 

At that moment I became “famous” as the longest serving person in solitary confinement in the world, as well as being the last member of the Angola 3 to be free.

For over 44 years - along with fellow Black Panthers Herman Wallace and Robert King - we turned our death chambers into classrooms and courts of law from which we educated fellow inmates and stood up against a violent, racist and brutal prison system which targeted us for our activism.

We believed then, as we believe now, that it is a human right to challenge and agitate the "injustice" system.

Keep strong.The struggle continues.

Albert Woodfox

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


On 20 March the oral trial against three members of the Chañaral Wichí Indigenous community for defending their territory will take place. These legal proceedings violate their right to defence and access to justice. 

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Argentina: Social Leader Arbitrarily Detained For Over A Year - Urgent Action

Milagro Sala is a leader of the Tupac Amaru neighborhood association, part of the Association of State Workers of Jujuy, and a leading figure in the Movimiento piquetero of Argentina. Milagro Sala has been arbitrarily detained since 16 January. The Argentine government has not complied with the UN decision ordering her immediate release.
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Madison, USA: LGBTQ Lobby Day - NEWS

Join us for our LGBTQ+ Equality Day on March 21st! 
LGBTQ+ Equality Day at the Capitol is March 21st.   RSVP now for this FREE event!  Lunch at 11:30 will include Representative JoCasta Zamarripa and Representative Mark Spreitzer.  After a legislative landscape briefing and some training in the morning, afternoon activities include scheduled meetings with legislators and more.  Hosted by Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition and Fair Wisconsin.  Lunch sponsored by Fair Wisconsin Board Member, Gary Goyke.
Tuesday, March 21, 2017

First United Methodist Church
203 Wisconsin Avenue
Madison, WI  53703

9:30 AM - Registration and check-in with light breakfast
10:00 AM - Briefing on current state legislative landscape
11:00 AM - Confirm your afternoon activity selection
11:30 AM - Lunch with speakers Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa and Rep. Mark Spreitzer
12:30 PM - Variety of afternoon activities begin
2:00 PM - Visits to the Capitol
4:00 PM - Closing gathering at FUMC

Tibet: Tashi Wangchuk threatened - ONLINE PETITION

Amnesty International Australia
Tashi Wangchuk wants every Tibetan kid in China to have access to learn their native tongue. He feared the gradual extinction of the Tibetan culture and wanted to do something about it. 

He decided to peacefully challenge school policies imposed by the Chinese Government. He’s now facing 15 years in prison...


Another letter from Nazanin was published by the Defenders of Human Rights Center on Friday. The Farsi version can be found here:
CLICK on ENGLISH for translation, then Nazanin in search box.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Antonio, Carlos, Josué and Michael and their mothers Marlene, Lorena, Teresa and Maribel (all pseudonyms to help protect their identities) are seeking asylum in the U.S. to escape horrific violence and abuse in their home countries. They have been held in detention for over 500 days and are currently in Berks County Residential Center in Pennsylvania. 

Three-year-old Josué has spent over half his life in detention. He learned to walk and talk in confinement. Four-year-old Carlos asks his mother daily, “Why can’t we get out of here?” 

Each family fled traumatic and life-threatening events. 

All four children have been granted SIJS and have pending applications for legal permanent resident. To obtain SIJS, a state court determined that it is not in the minors’ best interest to return to his or her home country. Under U.S. law, a minor with SIJS is considered to have been paroled in the U.S. Three of them have already been issued their Employment Authorization Document, and their mothers are currently subject to stays of removal. Additionally, each of the four families have friends or relatives in the U.S. who are willing to take them in, and ensure their appearance at future hearings.

Despite their status, compelling grounds for asylum and protection, and serious mental and physical health concerns, ICE officials refuse to release these four children and their mothers. There is no justification under U.S. or international law to continue to detain these families.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Madison Wisconsin: UW-Madison International Women's Day - Presentation

In Observation of Annual International Women’s Day (March 8), Group 139 of Amnesty International and Gender and Women’s Studies Club gave tribute to Two Centuries Long of Women’s Movement in US and Iran Who struggled to seek and achieve Equality, Freedom and Justice

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Iran: Annual Report on Death Penalty - NEWS

Iran Human Rights (FEB 3 2017): The 9th annual report of the organization Iran Human Rights (IHR) on the death penalty in Iran shows that in 2016 at least 530 people were executed in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although this number   is significantly lower than the annual execution numbers in the past five years, Iran, with an average of more than one execution per day, remains in 2016 the country with the highest number of executions per capita.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Amnesty International Australia: Literary Heros to inspire human rights activism - Books

Featuring central characters with a strong social conscience who stand up for a range of human rights issues, to protagonists who champion the importance of strength and courage in the face of adversity, it’s time to shake up your reading list with these inspiring novels.

Amnesty International USA: National Women's Strike - PRESS RELEASE

Amnesty International USA today announced that it is endorsing and supporting “A Day Without A Woman,” a day of strike taking place on March 8 to call for justice and equality for women.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Belarus: Kiryl Kazachok awaits on death row - Urgent Action by April 13, 2017

Amnesty International
Kiryl Kazachok’s appeal hearing at the Supreme Court of Belarus was scheduled for 21 March. However, he has refused to use his right to appeal the sentence or request clemency. He was transferred to the pre-trial detention centre (SIZO) #1 in Minsk where death sentences are carried out. Kiryl Kazachok is now at risk of imminent execution.

Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:
  • Urging President Alyaksandr Lukashenka to commute the death sentence of Kiryl Kazachok and all those on death row in Belarus; 
  • Calling on the President to establish an immediate moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty; 
  • Stress that whilst we are not seeking to downplay the seriousness of the crime, research shows that the death penalty does not deter crime more than imprisonment, and is the ultimate denial of human rights. 

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

GOOD NEWS Gambia and U.S.A.: Fanta Jawara, a Maryland woman, detained in Gambia set to return home - NEWS

FOX 5 News
March 1, 2017 
We are pleased to announce that Fanta Jawara will be returning home soon. Our local Group #139 of Amnesty International has worked for her release and thanks to one of our members, we have been kept informed about her progress. Welcome home!

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USA: #Amnesty NoBanNoWall - TAKE ACTION

#NoBanNoWall Events

Right now, Amnesty activists around the world are organizing and joining #NoBanNoWall peaceful protests and vigils in their communities. Help us make sure that the US government hears us by joining or organizing a protest, vigil, or hosting a space where people can make phone calls and write letters to Senators, and submit your event so it's listed on our events page.

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Milwaukee, WI: "Milwaukee 53206: A Community Serves Time" - DOCUMENTARY

  MILWAUKEE 53206 is a one-hour documentary that chronicles the lives of those affected by incarceration in America's most incarcerated zip code. Through the intimate stories of three 53206 residents, we witness the high toll mass incarceration takes on individuals and families that make up the community. The film not only examines Milwaukee's zip code 53206, but also illuminates the story of people from across the United States who live with the daily effects of mass incarceration.

Different churches and organizations are showing the documentary in the Milwaukee area. Check out the screenings and locations here.

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