Sunday, April 23, 2017

SYRIA: US cannot turn its back on Syrian Refugees - ONLINE ACTION

If Trump really wants to help the victims of war, he needs to stop turning his back on refugees. Syrian refugees are fleeing horrific violence, and this escalating violence only makes it more urgent that we support them.

We’ve all seen the horrific images from Syria—ground covered with lifeless bodies, many of them children, have shocked the world and stunned our collective conscience.

A doctor in Idlib told Amnesty, "Children are the first ones to die, they cannot fight this back. We only had one child who, thank God, survived.” No one should ever have to utter those words.

People fleeing this unimaginable violence need protection. Instead, Trump has banned refugees, like the ones fleeing violence in Syria, and is trying to cut funding for them. We can’t let this happen.