Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Iran, Human Rights, Oct. 10, 2017.

Since January 2017, at least 435 people, including  5 juvenile offenders, have been executed according to Iran by Iran Human Rights (IHR) Death Penalty Research Section. At least 219 people have been executed for drug offences so far in 2017.

We celebrate this year's “World Day Against the Death Penalty”, October 10, as the bill for the amendment to Iran's Anti-drug law is about to come to a conclusion. 

The bill has been approved by the Iranian Parliament, however, it still needs to be approved by the Guardian Council in order to be legislated. According to this bill, it is predicted that more than 80 percent of nearly 4000 prisoners who are sentenced to death on drug related charges will be saved from execution...Earlier in 2017, members of the Iranian Parliament's Justice Cimmittee called on the Judiciary to halt the drug related executions until the fait of the new bill is clear. However, the drug related executions in Iran continue as before. So far in 2017 at least  219 have been executed for drug offences.