Tuesday, January 9, 2018

EGYPT: Government Critics Jailed - PETITION

Amnesty International, USA, January 6, 2018.
We the undersigned appeal to you on behalf of well-known, secular social media activists Islam al-Refaei, and  journalists Hossam el-Swefy and Ahmed Abdel Aziz.
Islam al-Rafaei has been criticized for his posts that challenge religious and cultural norms in Egypt.   On 16 November plain clothes, security agents lured Islam to a meeting on the pretext of discussing a website he allegedly designed.   He was detained for 15 days and charged with “joining a banned group”. On 13 December, the Supreme State Security Prosecution ordered renewal of his detention for another 15 days.  His family and friends only became aware of his whereabouts after a lawyer reported that he saw him being questioned by the state security prosecutor in Abdeen police station.

Hossam el-Swefy and Ahmed Abdel Aziz were arrested during a peaceful demonstration in downtown Cairo on 7 December 2017.  The prosecutor decided to combine the cases of Hossam el-Swefy, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, and Islam al-Refaei.  He also added four more individuals to their case. The four other individuals were arrested on two separate occasions.
We appeal to you for:
    **Immediate and unconditional release of Islam al-Refaei, Hossam el-Swefy and Ahmed Abdel Aziz, as they are imprisoned solely for exercising their right to freedom of expression or peaceful assembly;
Assurance that, all the men have all their due process rights upheld, including access to legal representation and the right to challenge the lawfulness of their detention; and
Ceasing the practice of prolonged and arbitrary pre-trial detention

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Sent to: Public Prosecutor Nabil Sadek, Office of the Public Prosecutor, Dar al-Qada al-Ali, Down Town
Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt, Fax:
Copies to:  Ambassador Yasser Reda, Embassy of Egypt, 3521 International Ct NW, Washington DC 20008
202 895 5400, Fax: 202 244 4319 OR 202 244 5131,  Email: embassy@egyptembassy.net

Stop Action date 31 Jan 2018