Monday, August 23, 2021

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: President Blocks Institutional Accounts - Press Release


Human Rights Watch identified 13 institutional accounts blocked by President Bolsonaro: the Twitter accounts of media sites The Intercept Brazil, Congresso em Foco, Reporter Brasil, Aos Fatos, Diário do Centro do Mundo, and O Antagonista, and two Instagram accounts of news site UOL; two Twitter accounts of Observatório do Clima, a coalition of civil society organizations; and the Brazil Twitter accounts of Reporters without Borders, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.


“We have found out that @jairbolsonaro blocked @ReporterB. Blocking news media and journalists has become common practice by this government. We condemn such attitude, and it will not curtail our investigations into actions by the president that have an impact on the environment, human rights, and health.”


The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji, in Portuguese) has identified 135 reporters blocked by senior government officials, the majority of them by President Bolsonaro. Some may have replied to Human Rights Watch posts and would be included in the list of people blocked.

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