Wednesday, September 15, 2021

IRAN: Swedish-Iranian Doctor at Risk for Execution - ONLINE PETITION

Amnesty International, Australia, Sept 15, 2021.

Over 5 years ago, Swedish-Iranian academic Ahmadreza, a specialist in emergency medicine, was on a regular trip to Iran when he was arrested. 

Ahmadreza says he was tortured and that interrogators threatened to harm his children unless he 'confessed' to being a 'spy' for Sweden.

Ahmadreza’s wife Vida describes him as “a conscientious and compassionate doctor who has put all of his effort into the health and welfare of others.” 

In November 2020, Vida was told that Ahmadreza’s execution would be carried out within a week. In response compassionate people from all around the world spoke out and called for the Iranian authorities to call off the execution. 

He remains at risk for execution.

Call on the Iranian authorities to quash Ahmadreza’s death sentence today.