Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Amnesty International: Write for Rights 2021 - Report

Amnesty International, US, 12-20-2021.

2021 Write For Rights (10 Cases) 

Amnesty International Local Group 139, Madison, Wisconsin 

Report By: Azam Niroomand-Rad, PhD, Coordinator Group 139 

Summary outline of signatures collected by AI-139 members and friends (Not including online actions). Each case was mailed to the Amnesty International specified authority. 

(1) Belarus: Release Mikita Zalatarou and have fair trial for children. 

(76 Signatures) 

(2) China: Release Zhang Zhan immediately & stop censorship of journalists. (65 Signatures) 

(3) Egypt: Release immediately Mohamed Baker, Human Rights Lawyer. (66 Signatures) 

(4) Israel: End discrimination and harassment of Janna Jihad in Occupied Palestine. (63 Signatures) 

(5) Guatemala: Drop charges against Bernado Caal Xol who protects his heritage. (70 


(6) Mexico: Investigate violence against Wendy Galarza, childcare worker. (66 Signatures) 

(7) Nigeria: Drop all charges for Imoleayo Michael, computer programmer. (69 Signatures) 

(8) Thailand: Drop charges for Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul, university student. (70 Signatures) 

(9) Ukraine: Investigate and end hate crimes against LGBTI Sphere NGO. (75 Signatures) 

(10) USA: Must Act Now. Demand unconditional release of Ciham Ali, US Citizen in Eritrea. (69 Signatures)