Saturday, April 30, 2022

Amnesty International, UK - Nazanin Home - NEWS

Amnesty International, UK

Nazaninhas been reunited with her husband Richard, and daughter Gabriella, and has returned home. She is settling back into life in the UK and is keen to start a fresh chapter in her life.


So many of you joined us & Richard in campaigning for Nazanin’s release. You signed petitions, wrote to MPs, donated to the campaign and shared the campaign on social media.


And we know that so many of you were overjoyed at the news of her freedom and moved by the images of her reunion with Richard and Gabriella.


Since landing back in the UK, both Nazanin & Anoosheh have said they would be happy for us to collect messages of welcome and celebration on their behalf.


If you would like to, please add your name to our open letter welcoming them home and we will share this with them soon.


Thank you for standing with Nazanin & Richard and helping to campaign for her freedom. When we come together, humanity wins.

Dear Nazanin & Anoosheh,

We wanted to write this letter from all of us to welcome you back home to the UK and to rejoice with you as you reunite with your families and settle back into your lives - lives that should never have been disrupted.

After your unjust arrests and arbitrary detentions in Iran, tens of thousands of us were moved to take action to campaign for your freedom. 

Led by your incredible families, we signed petitions, wrote to MPs, shared your stories on social media and donated to the campaign to help ensure your freedom. 

After so many years of hoping you’d one day land back in the UK as the free people you should always have been, we were so happy to see images of you stepping off the plane and into the arms of your families. 

We hope that you are able to rest, recover and rejoice in being back home in the UK.