Saturday, March 23, 2019

UK: Sign a Mother's Day card for Nazanin

Sign Nazanin's Mother's Day card

From Ellie Kennedy, Amnesty International UK:

It truly saddens us to say that this Mother’s Day will be the third one that Nazanin and her daughter Gabriella will spend apart.

That’s three times more than they've spent together.
That’s why we want to do something special for Nazanin. We’re going to send a Mother’s Day card to the Iranian embassy – to remind them how this family has been broken apart.

Will you help spread the love by signing the card?

On Friday 29 March we’ll take our card to the Iranian Embassy with Nazanin’s husband, Richard. 

Along with us we’ll bring 155 bunches of flowers – 1 for every week she’s been in prison.

We want this to be the biggest Mother’s Day card ever – so we can show Nazanin just how many people have her in their hearts.

Will you join us by signing the card and asking others to do the same?

Nazanin's Story
This year Mother’s Day also falls just before the third anniversary of Nazanin’s arrest on 3 April 2016. Even though she has been offered diplomatic protection by the UK government, the Iranian regime continue to reject her dual national status, and show no signs of releasing her.
In fact, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Republic, the Supreme Leader has announced that he will pardon some 50,000 prisoners to mark the occasion – but Nazanin’s name is not on the list. 
That’s why we’re making this card – to remind them that we’re watching, and we demand that Nazanin should be immediately and unconditionally released. So that next Mother’s Day, Nazanin can spend it with her daughter. And receive these flowers in person.
Please help by signing the card today, and by sharing this page, so we can show Nazanin how many people are thinking of her this Mother’s Day.