Thursday, October 3, 2019

2019 Write for Rights is Live!

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You care about making a human rights impact. 
And right now, we’re kicking off the world’s largest campaign on behalf of people who have been attacked, harassed and jailed, including for their human rights work. It’s called Write for Rights, and you can be a part of it.

This year’s campaign is unique because we’re focusing Amnesty’s efforts on young people who have been targeted — young people like 23-year-old Yasaman Aryani, in the photo above.

Her case is outrageously unjust. Just this year, Iranian authorities sentenced her to 16 years in prison for peacefully protesting Iran’s compulsory veil laws for women. We must free her!

As part of Write for Rights, we are mobilizing our global community to write letters on behalf of targeted young people — showing them our support.

This works.

Former human rights defenders tell us that Write for Rights letters gave them hope during their most dire moments. Further, in the last five years, Write for Rights has helped release 26 people who were unjustly imprisoned around the world.

Birtukan Mideksa, a former Write for Rights case and human rights activist from Ethiopia told our team, “I am proof that your letters have power. Your letters set me free.” How powerful!

Next year, Yasaman could be thanking you.