Thursday, October 17, 2019


Amnesty International, Australia, October 16, 2019.

I’m writing to you to ask you to help me reunite my family.

I haven’t seen my husband since 2017. 

I miss talking to him, I miss hearing his voice. I am scared I will forget what he sounds like.

I loved watching him play with our eldest, they were like best friends. He never had the chance to play with his youngest daughter, or just hold her hand in his, because she was born after he was cruelly taken from us. They have never even met. Giving birth to her without him by my side was heartbreaking.

I fear he has been detained in China but I have never been told where he is or even why he was detained; I have no information about him after all this time.

Where is he? I wonder about this every day. Is he safe? Is he being treated well? We miss him so much. I just want to know where he is, to speak to him again, to make sure he is safe and well.