Saturday, July 18, 2015

Iran: Activists, Hossein Ali Mohammadi and Taha Kermani, tortured for alleged ‘FLAG-BURNING’ - URGENT ACTION

Amnesty International

     Hossein Ali Mohammadi and Taha Kermani, aged 31 and 26 respectively, were each sentenced to 10 years in prison on 12 May by Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court, in the north-western city of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan province, which convicted them of “insulting Islamic sanctities” and “vandalizing public property with the intent to rise up against the Islamic establishment”. Both charges were based on an allegation that they had burnt a flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran painted on the verges of a highway in Tabriz in October 2013. The charge of religious insult was imposed because the Iranian flag contains the words “God is Great” (Allahu Akbar) though it was not established the flag in question contained these words. The intent to rise up against the Islamic establishment was held to exist because, the Court said, “the flag is an important and sacred sign for every country and respect for it is tantamount to respect for the existence of the country itself.” The men have denied both charges.
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