Friday, July 10, 2015

Iran: Victory for Mehdi in Iran - PETITION UPDATE

United for Iran

"Jul 8, 2015 — Thank you for signing the Petition to Release Human Rights Activist Mehdi Khodaei.

Thanks to you, a brave activist is free in Iran.

This weekend my cousin Mehdi Khodaei, who had been imprisoned for 5 and a half years in Iran, was finally released from prison. Earlier this year, our petition pointed out to Islamic Republic officials how changes to Iran’s penal code mandated the release of prisoners like Mehdi. Initially, these new laws were not enforced. But thanks to the efforts of 3,300 activists globally, the Iranian Government has finally responded. Today, Mehdi is a free man.

We are deeply grateful for your support which helped secure Mehdi’s freedom. The message is clear: support from the international community is crucial to defend the future of human rights in Iran."

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