Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Iran: Iranian Women Against the Odds - NEWS

November 18, 2016
Article covers: The Mandatory Islamic Veil, Gender Segregation, Restrictions in the Arts,
Professional Limitations, Limitations in Diplomatic Positions, Limitations in Sports, and 
State Violence in the Context of the Family.

     "With the help of discriminatory laws and policies, state violence against women has become institutionalized and enforced in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The current constitution does not allow legal reforms that are not in line with Sharia and Islamic principles as they are defined and interpreted by the leaders of the Islamic Republic. 
     Therefore, eliminating state violence against women is not really possible as long as a religious government is in place. Many Iranians object to these forms of discrimination and violence, risking their freedom and safety by doing so. 
     Ultimately, the precondition for the removal of of such legal and institutionalized forms of violence against women in Iran relies on the separation of religion and state. In other words, gender equality is not really possible in the current circumstances of the country, as the legislative structure of the Islamic Republic prevents the introduction of democratic laws."
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