Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Excerpts from "Keeping you Connected" - November 12, 2016 Email/Newsletter

Angie Hougas

1  AI & AIUSA Press Release on USA Election, Nov 9, 2016, link


  • Tunisia:  
  • Tool:  Finding Groups & Volunteer Leaders in AIUSA
  • New Blog Post: Six Trump Proposals That Must Never Become Policy
  • Activists Resource Community
  • Closing the door on refugees
  • Ban on Muslims entering the U.S. 
  • The Wall
  • Reproductive Freedom
  • Torture
  • More Guns on our streets
  • Iran - #FreeArtists Campaign 
  • AGM 2017 
  • Customize Your Actions (Link) 
  • AIUSA Goes Mobile Last 100 Days 
  • Last 100 Days Action Alert
  • Write for Rights 2016
Title:  Ethiopia:
Enable independent investigation into extra-judicial executions in Somali Regional State
Website link:
Title:  South Sudan: A Way Forward for the Hybrid Court for South Sudan
Website link:
Title:  Italy: Submission to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – 91st Session, 21 November – 9 December
Website link:    
Title:  Hotspot Italy: How EU’s flagship approach leads to violations of refugee and migrant rights
Website link:
Title:  Poland: Dismantling rule of law? Amnesty international submission for the UN Universal Periodic Review – 27th session of the UPR Working group, April/May 2017
Website link:
Title:  Iraq: ‘Where are we supposed to go?’ Destruction and forced displacement in Kirkuk
Website link:

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