Thursday, November 3, 2016

Italian police torture, abuse refugees in ‘hotspot’ camps amid EU pressure - NEWS & Amnesty International REPORT

November 3, 2016
     Italian police have reportedly used batons and Tasers to coerce migrants into being fingerprinted under EU regulations, Amnesty International said in a new report. Many cases potentially amount to torture and abuse, the group stated.
     The Italian police have denied the accusations of torture put forward by Amnesty International, AFP reported.
     "I categorically deny that violent methods were used against migrants, either during their identification process or repatriation," Italian Police Chief Franco Gabrielli said in a statement.
The Amnesty International paper, which includes dozens of migrant testimonies and witness accounts, particularly criticizes the controversial ‘hotspot approach’ advocated by Brussels, meaning that incomers are often identified in Italy – their first point of entry into the EU – to prevent them from claiming asylum elsewhere in Europe.

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