Thursday, November 17, 2016

Norway: The UiO Human Rights Award 2016 to Dr. Diana Kordon - NEWS

University of Oslo
November 14, 2016
     This year’s award goes to Argentinian psychiatrist, anti-torture activist and human rights defender Dr Diana Kordon.
     For more than 40 years Dr Kordon has provided psychological assistance and treatment for trauma in victims of torture and gross human rights violations in Argentina. Dr Kordon started her work as a psychiatrist for the mothers in the Plaza de Mayo, fighting for the recognition that justice includes rehabilitation of victims of crimes against humanity.
     In her field, she has been a pioneer in developing psychological help for victims of human rights violations, and she has developed an approach to health care and rehabilitation of victims of abuse by the military dictatorship, a number of whose representatives have now been convicted of crimes against humanity.
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