Thursday, November 3, 2016

Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council: Standing up for the rights of Indigenous people - NEWS & LETTER from Amnesty International

Amnesty International USA
November 1, 2016
Facebook post

     Protestors in North Dakota just want to stand up for the rights of Indigenous people and protect their natural resources. They should not be treated like the enemy. #Right2Protest

Click here for LETTER from Margaret Huang, Amnesty International USA Executive Director.
Excerpt from the letter
"Amnesty International USA is writing to you in support of the recent request (attached) by David Archambault, II, Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council, that your department investigate the actions of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department (“MCSD”) and other law enforcement agencies in North Dakota regarding the policing of protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and, should violations be found, file charges against those responsible."