Sunday, November 6, 2016

Yemen: In Crisis - NEWS

Amnesty International Australia
     Airstrikes on civilian neighbourhoods are becoming more frequent, and the death toll is rising. Just last month, over 100 people were killed attending a community funeral.
Devastation, fear and suffering is part of everyday life here. There is nowhere children can feel safe. They make up a third of the people killed since the conflict between the Huthi armed group and allied forces and the Saudi Arabia-led coalition began, over 19 months ago.
     Many people are seriously injured going about their daily lives. Many more are killed while asleep in their beds. Some are killed simply walking down the street. 
     The conflict in Yemen has been coined ‘The Forgotten War’ by international media. In contrast to Syria, this is a crisis that’s talked about significantly less. But we must not forget. We cannot ignore.
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