Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Iran: Budding Grief, Documentary - VIDEO (5 min Trailer)

Our Documentary

     During the Summer of 1988, a couple of thousands of political prisoners who were the dissidents of the Islamic Regime were hanged in Iran. Those who were in prisons were already sentenced in court but they had to participate in the 2-3 minutes re-trials and without knowing exactly what was going on, were convicted and executed secretly.
     PanteA Bahrami (Director) was in prison after the revolution for four years (1981-1985) and has witnessed the situation of Iran's prisons first hand herself. She tried to track down the survivors of that massacre and interviewed them in the course of 7 years.
This documentary is a result of 7 years work and right now is in the final stages. We need your support for some parts of the animation and editing.

We hope that by documenting this painful piece of history, this injustice would never happen again.