Thursday, June 11, 2015

USA: American Torture Story - CALL TODAY!

Amnesty International USA
In solidarity,
Naureen Shah - Director, Security with Human Rights
     5 minutes of your day can make a difference – please call your Senator (details below). If you have more time, please call your Senator’s local office to schedule a meeting. We expect a vote on the amendment as early as this Thursday, so we’ll have to move quickly to make calls and schedule meetings. Any questions or need help scheduling a meeting? Please email us at This legislation won’t solve everything. Those responsible for torture must still be held accountable. But the legislation is vital. We can never let the U.S. government torture in the name of national security again.
P.S. Please pick up the phone now, even if it’s after hours, and leave a voicemail with your Senator. Lookup the number here. See below for details.
Here’s how to make the call:
  1. Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or lookup your senator’s phone number on this website:
  2. Ask to for your Senator’s military legislative assistant, and say:
“This is [My Name] from [My State] calling to urge the Senator to vote YES on Senate Amendment 1889 introduced by Senators McCain and Feinstein to help prevent acts of torture by U.S. personnel. The legislation would send a message to every would-be perpetrator of torture that torture is wrong, it violates human rights, and it is never acceptable. We need this legislation.
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• The current safeguards in place against torture can easily be revoked by the next administration. The Senate must make sure that no future president can allow a return to torture.
• Just last week there was shocking news about one detainee’s alleged treatment by the CIA between 2003 and 2006 that had never before been made public. We have to make sure that these terrible acts are not allowed to happen again.
• The United States was a leader in establishing the UN Convention Against Torture and joined Allies in prosecuting torture at Nuremberg. This amendment would be an important symbol of support for the global movement against torture at a crucial time.
I hope we can count on Senator [X] to vote YES on the McCain-Feinstein amendment. This is a crucial vote on an issue that cannot be ignored. Thank you!” 
Once you’ve made the call please let us know by emailing