Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Malaysia: Ensure the Safety of Refugees and Migrants - URGENT ACTION

Amnesty International
     "Over 3,000 people have either landed in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia or returned to Myanmar and Bangladesh over the past three weeks. Approximately 2,500 migrants and refugees remain stranded at sea. Many of those on board the boats are Rohingya – a minority from Myanmar who have faced discrimination for decades.Following the announcement on 20 May 2015 that Malaysia and Indonesia would offer temporary shelter to up to 7,000 refugees and vulnerable migrants, and following the launch on 21 May of search and rescue operations by Malaysia, Indonesia started search and rescue operations on 23 May. Thailand has been carrying out sea patrols since 26 May, and equipped navy ships to provide humanitarian assistance to those found at sea. Thailand has repeatedly said that anyone arriving by boat would be prosecuted for illegal entry and on 29 May announced that if it is absolutely necessary for those found at sea to disembark in Thailand, they will be treated according to “humanitarian principles under Thai laws”.
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