Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Iran: We request the immediate and unconditional release of Jason Rezaian from Iranian custody. ONLINE PETITION

Supporters of Jason Rezaian and a free press: petition
     Jun 2, 2015 —Today, I had the opportunity to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee with the families of other Americans held in Iran. You can watch a video clip here:
We came together to share the stories of injustice with our elected officials and the American people. I commented during my testimony, “Jason is not yet free and our work is not yet done. But I am convinced that our efforts will soon lead to his release, as well as the release of other Americans who have been unjustly held.”
     Jason is scheduled to face another trial hearing in Iran early next week. We will keep you posted on the developments. My family cannot thank you enough for your continued support of Jason’s cause.
Click here for link to petition.