Monday, June 29, 2015

USA: Angie Update - NEWS

June 28 2015

HI Everyone:
Thank you everyone who took action on this issue.
Below is an article on a request for action I sent a couple of weeks ago regarding a letter to Sec of State John Kerry and the Human Rights of Palestinian Children.

Also note: Sunjeev (Of Amnesty Int'l USA)  is quoted within the article, so wanted to also mention that he had written a blog post (6/22) on this initiative as well called ‘Did your Member of Congress Stand Up for Palestinian Children?’ ( that folks might like to read. 

From Edie Garwood, AIUSA's Country Specialists for I/OT:  Follow-up action is: asking that we ‘thank’ those who signed and if our elected officials haven’t - ask them why.  Call the Congressional main switchboard number, (202) 224-3121 and simply ask for your representative.  See list below to check if your MOC is listed to ’thank’ or ask ‘why’.  You can also see other action options here ( and for more background information, videos, etc … see

Thank you all.
Angie Hougas
Incoming Board of Director for AIUSA